May be beneficial in situations such as prolonged stress, working overtime in crisis mode, caring for ill relatives, preparing for exams, buying or selling a house etc.

Ingredients: Red Chestnut, Oak, Olive, Hornbeam and Lotus Flower Essences Blend with 27% Grape Based Brandy.

Red Chestnut: Feeling fearful, over-concerned and worried. “For those who find it difficult not to be anxious for other people. Often they have ceased to worry about themselves, but for those of.” – Dr. Edward Bach

Oak: Overworked, workaholic, overachiever; exhausted and fatigued, but keep going  “For those who are struggling and fighting strongly to get well, or in connection with the affairs of their daily life. They will go on trying one thing after another, though their case may seem hopeless. They will fight on. They are discontented with themselves if illness interferes with their duties or helping others. They are brave people, fighting against great difficulties, without loss of hope of effort.” – Dr. Edward Bach

Olive: Exhausted with lack of energy, fatigue, convalescence and no reserves of strength. “Those who have suffered much mentally or physically and are so exhausted and weary that they feel they have no more strength to make any effort. Daily life is hard work for them, without pleasure.” – Dr. Edward Bach

Hornbeam: Weariness, bores, tired, needs strength, overworked, mental rather than physical. “For those who feel that they have not sufficient strength, mentally or physically, to carry the burden of life placed upon them; the affairs of every day seem too much for them to accomplish, though they generally succeed in fulfilling their task. For those who believe that some part, of mind or body, needs to be strengthened before they can easily fulfil their work.” – Dr. Edward Bach

Lotus:  Calms anxiety and eases distraction during the stressful time, helps to cope with all the things that are going on around, works on the balance between mind and intuition, fosters the recovery of self-confidence after a period of feeling put down or diminished.

Recommended Intake:  Put four drops directly onto the tongue or into a glass of water and sip at intervals as often as required.

Note: To reduce alcohol content, place the required amount in cooled boiled water and leave for two to three minutes before consuming.

Free from artificial colours, preservatives & flavourings. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
Food supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

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