You will find this useful particularly when: you are not sure about how to position your product range, or you know exactly how to place your product but need a second opinion on your chosen business model, or even if you’re not completely sure if your brand is ready for the market you have chosen.

At the consultation, we’ll review the business model, talk about your goals and will identify the best possible ways to achieve your targets.

Price: £120 per hour


  • Account management: we’ll look after your accounts, become part of the  team, providing sales and marketing support and more.

  • Staff training: we’ll train your accounts personnel and  provide ongoing support.

  • Support at marketing events: we’ll be there for you at any professional events: trade shows, expos, seasonal marketing events, presentations etc.

  • Representation at trade shows: full representation of your brand alone or as part at Holistic Solutions stand.

    Prices: POA