This service would be for if you when: you have a strong business model, your action plan is viable and well thought-out, but you need insight into the UK industry and a personal introduction to key people in the UK.

Description: Before the session, we’ll ask you to fill in a wish list where you’ll provide more details about your product range and your business model, the goals you want to achieve with our help and the contact information you wish to get from us.

At the consultations (three sessions), you’ll get the information on marketing and commercial strategies suitable for your brand; who are delivering ongoing industry and how to meet them, which events are worth visiting/paying for, which organisations/institutions/communities would be beneficial for your brand and which membership fees are worth paying for.  We will introduce you to the right people, take you to visit representative retail shops/spas for a complete solution to success in the UK.

Duration: Typically three sessions (timing depends on locations).

Price: from £1000


  • Account management (we’ll look after your accounts, become part of a team, providing sales and marketing support and more)

  • Staff training (we’ll train the personnel of your accounts, provide ongoing support)

  • Support at marketing events (we’ll be there for you at any professional events: trade shows, expos, seasonal marketing events, presentations etc.)

  • Representation at trade shows (full representation of your brand alone or as part at Holistic Solutions stand)

Prices: POA