Premium care combined from nature and science

A cosmeceutical skincare range with the holistic concept of Colour Energy!

SOFRI are not satisfied until we can offer you the very best. That is why at SOFRI, research and development never stop.

SOFRI products contain plant extracts of the very highest quality and natural organic substances that are obtained biotechnologically. The brand combines the vitality of nature with resources from science. The ingredients in products are chosen on the basis of their purity, naturalness, effectiveness, tolerance and energy potential. The textures of the individual care products are deliberately all formulated differently in order to fulfil the various requirements of the skin.

SOFRI deliberately utilise the energy potential of plants, gems and colours in the compositions of the SOFRI products, thereby creating individually matched and balanced synergies. The products in the Colour Energy line are proven to raise the energy level in accordance with the principles of colour energy-based chakra teachings.

SOFRI not only touches and beautifies your skin, but the very core of you. Our aim is always to harmonise body, mind and soul. When these 3 levels are in balance, we feel well and our skin glows.

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SOFRI have developed the perfect care system for the face - individual care rituals to suit any skin type or requirements: impure skin, combination skin, loss of elasticity, dry skin, couperose, sensitive skin, pigmentation, dehydrated skin, pre ageing and anti ageing.



Colour Energy Body Products are targeting dry flaky skin, sensitive skin, spider veins, swollen legs, cellulite, weak connective tissues, foot care, hand care, hair care.



SOFRI’s innovative high-tech beauty tools are professional devices designed for the use by professionals; there’s also a selection of devices for beauty care at home.